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Q.  As an aircraft owner or buyer, do I need to be present during an appraisal?

A.  No. As long as you designate a responsible third party to allow our appraiser unencumbered access to your aircraft and maintenance log records, it won't be necessary for you to be present during the inspection.

Q.  Will a desktop appraisal be as accurate as a certified appraisal?

A.  The appraised value presented within our comprehensive desktop appraisals is designed to be just as accurate as a certified appraisal, as long as the information provided to us about the aircraft on our questionnaire form is accurate.

Q.  How can we be sure which type of appraisal or pre buy inspection is most suitable for our needs?

A.  Contact us so that together we can evaluate your requirements and assist you with your choice.

Q.  What is the advantage of obtaining an appraisal over just using a Blue Book or Vref price guide?

A.  Aircraft Blue Book and Vref price guide publications are fine for simply estimating the general value of an aircraft.  However, unlike an appraisal, price guide publications cannot determine the significant effect on value due to the actual condition of the airframe, engine, paint, interior and avionics.  In addition, price guides do not take into account the accuracy of maintenance records and the extent of damage history that an aircraft may have.  Also, airplane values

can change rapidly and we are up to date with the latest  information that could effect price and market.

Q.  How do I order an appraisal on an aircraft?

A.  Once you've decided the level of appraisal or pre buy inspection that is most suitable to your needs, we'll send you our written proposal / service agreement to you for your approval.  Our proposal / service agreement will provide all the details of the service to be provided, including a firm quote on our fee.  Upon your approval, we will the immediately organize the appraisal service you require.

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