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Aircraft Valuation Report

AvAppraisals’ services deal with most of your aircraft appraisal needs. One of the services we are happy to provide is aircraft valuation reports for our customers. These reports tell customers the general retail value of the airplane they’re buying or selling. It can be a great starting point for people deciding to purchase a new aircraft or selling an existing one. For our clients, figuring out this information can be vital in their aircraft-related decisions. Our appraisers do the work to evaluate our clients’ aircraft in a dedicated and consistent fashion. 

After we do the valuation, we then write up a report. Creating these reports allows us to explain what went into the valuation. Providing this explanation can be of great benefit to us and to those with whom we work because it allows us to communicate what exactly our service did. We think giving our clients detailed reports on exactly what we did to evaluate their aircraft gives them a good idea on what to do next.  

Like all our other services, our aircraft valuation report services are completed by appraisers who have over 40 years of combined experience in the appraisal field. We also go by the appraisal service guidelines set by the USPAP. Put into effect by Congress in 1989, the USPAP contains the best practices for all appraisal companies to follow—including us. We follow these standards to ensure quality, consistency, and legality for our clients. Doing anything differently would only put our customers and their aircraft in jeopardy. 

We at AvAppraisals offer our aircraft valuation reports as a service to help you make the decisions you might not know how to make otherwise. Helping our customers with their aircraft needs gives us great pleasure. Some of the decisions with which our clients come to us affect them greatly—that’s why we do anything and everything we can to best serve our clients and their aircraft. 

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