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Desktop Valuation for Aircraft

AvAppraisals provides several different services for several different aircraft. One service we provide for our clients’ aircraft is desktop valuation. Desktop valuation is the process of figuring out the value of a piece of property using little information; the “desktop” comes from the fact that most of the work is done at the desk—there is no physical inspection of the property. It’s usually done in real estate and, in our case, for aircraft. The reasons why you might want this service may vary, but just as with all our other services, we bring quality and dependability to all the clients with whom we work.  

Every desktop valuation for aircraft that we do is based on the information you provide us with. More specifically, the information we use comes from yourself, photo evidence, and our own online research. The appraisers on our team take the information you give us and make an estimated valuation of your aircraft. Again, we do not do any physical inspection of your aircraft. We use the information that we find and that you give us to provide the best valuation of your aircraft that we can. 

Our certified appraisers have 40-plus years of combined experience in the field. We also strictly follow the USPAP, which contains guidelines and standards for all appraisal services. We follow these guidelines to create the best service possible. Rest assured that working with us will bring consistent professionalism for you and your aircraft. 

Our valuations can help you determine what to do with your aircraft. We understand how confusing services like this can be, but luckily for you, we’ve been doing this for a while. Please reach out to us if you have any questions about our aircraft valuations or any of our other services. We hope to hear from you soon! 

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