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Aircraft Valuation Nationwide

Why you need an aircraft appraisal.
  • To obtain a professional opinion of the present market value on an aircraft.
  • To obtain a professional opinion of the value on an aircraft to be renovated or modified.
  • To obtain a professional opinion of the value of an aircraft as a prudent safeguard against excessive tax assessments, capital gains and other taxes.
  • To verify damage claims resulting from fire, hail, windstorms, accidents, and other disasters.
  • To provide the basis for decision-making in the commitment of funds for aircraft acquisition.
  • To provide persuasive, independent evidence of the general condition of an aircraft.
  • To assist a prospective purchaser in obtaining financing or insurance.
  • To assist a financial institution in substantiating the nature and value of the aircraft as it relates to collateral.
  • To assist a financial institution by supporting the loan portfolio for examination by the loan committee and/or bank examiner.
  • To distinguish sellers aircraft from others that may be listed for sale.
Wing and Fuselage of Learjet
Certified Appraisal
A Certified Appraisal includes an inspection of the aircraft and it's maintenance records.  This inspection is aimed solely at determining the overall condition of the aircraft and records to support the value opinions of the appraiser.  The inspection would not include opening of inspection panels or a detailed review of record archives.  It would provide a value that includes adjustments from the mid-time, mid life baseline to account for actual maintenance status, and possibly other adjustments to reflect the findings of the aircraft and records inspection.
Desktop Appraisal
A Desktop Appraisal is essentially the same as a certified appraisal except the appraiser does not physically inspect the aircraft.  An aircraft informational worksheet
is given to the client to provide the appraiser with specific information about the subject aircraft. The scope of work involves research from many sources including
the client aircraft worksheet, proprietary data bases, published value information and historical sales of comparable aircraft.


Twin Engine Beech Baron on ramp
Light Sport plane flying
Market Value Report


A Market Value Report is a brief valuation report that presents the value of the aircraft or engines.

Values adjusted for the maintenance condition of the aircraft can be included.


Pre-Buy Inspections
The Pre-Buy Inspection includes an examination of air frame surfaces, flight controls, paint and interior, power plant, avionics, and major system components.  The air frame is carefully scrutinized for signs of surface corrosion and previously repaired damage.  The cabin interior furnishings are inventoried and carefully examined for signs of excessive wear and damage.  A ground operational check of engine, avionics, and major systems is performed.
A thorough examination of the maintenance log records is accomplished to verify the quality of maintenance and servicing the aircraft has received.  Special attention is given to uncovering any Damage History and verifying compliance with Airworthiness (AD) and Service Bulletins (SB).
Appraiser and Mechanic Inspecting airplane
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